Sorella Italian Casarecce alla Bolognese

Prepared in-house by our chef, and owner, Justin Wills.

Culinary Institute of America alumnus Chef Justin Wills Casarecce alla Bolognese

Sicilian short-twisted pasta served with a pork, beef, and veal ragu – Topped with crispy breadcrumbs
and Pecorino Romano cheese.

Casarecce pasta is traditionally found in Sicily. The reason we like it, because it’s very toothsome, has a cool little twist to it, it’s dense, and holds sauce really well.

Our Bolognese is a veal, pork, and beef ragu.

We grind all the meats in-house use a mirepoix, which is carrots, onion, and celery.

We sauté these items together, then we deglaze with white wine.

We make a pinçage of tomato paste with a little bit of chicken stock and let that simmer down a little bit.

We then add milk – the lactic acid in the milk helps break down the muscle fibers of the meat.

We noticed our customers like a little bit of cream added, so we add cream. We know that’s not traditional but that’s how we do it here.

Once our Casarecce is done cooking, we add it to the ragu. We toss all our pastas in sauce before plating.

We top it with Pecorino Romano cheese, and also a pangrattato that we make in-house. This is pork fat toasted bread crumbs mixed with fresh oregano and basil with a little bit of salt and pepper.

Once those are nice and crispy and brown, we cool and then we finished your pasta with it to add a little bit of a different mouth feel and texture to the entire dish.


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